it’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since these kittens ended up with me. except that they have grown SO MUCH! and they’re doing so much stuff! they have had a few moments of sensitive stomachs, and adjusting, but they are all doing wonderfully. They’re gaining weight, and are sweet and playful. they love to be held, and will purr almost instantly on contact.

We’re in the midst of the transition from bottle feeding to soft cat foods.I started litter box training with them and they are really rather impressive at it. no doubt, 9 of anything is a handful. we are a little less than graceful at feeding time. their current method is to lay on a plate of wet cat food and just eat until they hit the plate, and are covered from head to tail. each meal, therefore, includes a significant amount of post-food clean up.

i had originally made them a play area by taping together a few large boxes, but they quickly outgrew that and now have complete run of the studio for the better part of the day. they do a lot more wrestling now, and leap from place to place. they have started plotting small (adorable) attacks on one another by hiding behind or under something and then racing out to pounce as another walks by.

i am extremely attached to them (i’d imagine that’s a given) but still, of course, need to find homes for all of them. So far three of them are spoken for, which leaves 6 to go. if you’re considering adding more cuteness to your life, stop by and meet them. they rock. you’ll want to take one home!

I’ll post specifics on the 6 that are still available if i can get them to hold still long enough for a photo. 🙂