Fuzzy Babies!

There isn’t much time to write between feedings, but last week on Wednesday 9 kittens were found abandoned behind a local restaurant. After watching and searching all day no mamma cat could be found.

It’s Kitten Season and the shelters are full so as cute and sweet as they are, if we sent them to the shelters their chance for survival is surprisingly low. We are looking for permanent homes for all of them, and in the meantime, fostering them here at the art studio.

How can you help?

Come by the studio and hold them for a while, and help with a feeding. Post on your facebook or blog about them so we can help find them loving homes. You can also help us with the financial burden – which is significant.

They need initial vet care, and even with a “litter rate” the services come to $630 just to be seen and vaccinated. kitten milk replacement costs about $20 every 2-3 days. Other incidentals like cotton balls, ointment, laundry soap (we wash their bedding over and over to try to get rid of the fleas) adds up too.

Any help is greatly appreciated. <3 you can use the ChipIn box here or at the bottom of any page, and share it on your facebook. It will take you to paypal to make your payment, which will be to “insight design studio”, our parent company 😉

thanks so much <3