Seriously? Cuteness: overwhelming

We have matched our first kitten with it’s future owner! One of our darling black and white babies has been adopted by John P. and is now named L.C. , for Little Cat. It already seems to be a perfect match! we’re so happy. L.C. will stay with her kitten friends for a few more weeks, but now she has an awesome home to move on to!

8 more to go….

Interested in adopting a kitty? We require a safe and loving home for it to go to, and a promise to spay and neuter at the appropriate age. That can be arranged with one of many programs here in the city – we don’t want any of these guys making more kittens that end up orphaned 🙁

feel free to come by or call us to meet your future kitteh friend <3 You can also help us pay for food, vet care and kitten needs through the widget below. Thanks!