Just finished the the last feeding of the night before I catch a few hours of sleep. Everything with these guys happens VERY fast. I’ve had them almost a week now, and they have changed SO MUCH. Aside from putting on weight, and learning to use the bottle to feed they’ve steadied their walks, and now they’re starting to mix things up! Sometime between the 10pm feeding and now they very suddenly seem to have all mastered a new skill: POUNCE! While waiting for their turn with the bottle they seemed to be enjoying trying out POUNCE! all around their crate. There’s been some general wrestling and rolling about, but this new skill seems like it involves more planning and execution than the basic swat and roll.Who knows what they’ll be up to tomorrow. Another heartwarming skill that seems to increase every day is PURRING. They’ve got that one totally down. Everyone loves to cuddle and to fall asleep eating, and always with the purrrrring. <3 love them. You will too! Come meet a kitten soon!