who’s in charge here?

I’m Miss Elizabeth – A lifelong artist, and a lover of all things colorful, unique, glittery, fuzzy, fun, and crafty.

I love to make necklaces and mugs and blankets and t-shirts and take photos and work on houses and cars and build stuff and draw stuff and play with clay and …. well, you get the idea. I’m always happiest when I’m in the middle of making something… often a mess! I like to work in all mediums, but find that lately I’m especially excited about clay and fabric (not together, necessarily).

Little House, Big Art is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I got the idea for all of this from spending my summers teaching art to kids at a summer camp. Although I’ve enjoyed a career as a graphic designer, I found that each year I just wished the summer would never end. I finally decided to bring my summer camp art shop home to the big city (if you consider Pittsburgh to be a big city – which I do, a big city with a friendly attitude) so I could have the art shop to play in all year.

here’s some stuff I’ve made:

and here are some of my details:

  • I moved to Pittsburgh from Detroit in 1997 to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I fell in love with the city instantly.
  • I own a home on the North Side, and a 1968 vw bug that I like to tinker with.
  • I am the Art Shop Director (and have been for the past 10 years) of a magical summer camp in the Adirondack Mountains. (You should come there! It’s so much fun!)
  • I first started working with kids as a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters in 1998.
  • I’ve owned a graphic design business for about 18 years, and it’s called insight design studio.
  • I’ve been making neat stuff for about 35 years (no, really, since I was two!)

I’d love to meet you and make some art. If that sounds cool to you, call or email the studio!

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