Anytime Art

You can stop by Little House, Big Art during any open hours for one of our casual “Anytime Art” offerings. These are simple fun projects that require 5 minutes or less of instruction (sometimes they don’t require any at all). They’re great for all ages, and skill levels. Here’s what we’re currently offering:

Paint Your Own Pottery

We have dozens of shapes and styles – everything from tiny beads, to giant serving platters. Mugs, animals, cars, dinos, and MUCH more. It’s really easy:

  1. choose your piece
  2. paint it – lots of colors to choose from
  3. leave it with us for overglaze & firing
  4. pick it up a week later.

You can use your finished piece however you like – they’re food safe. Our pricing is all inclusive: your piece, the paint, time & brushes to paint it, firing, etc are all included in the price. From $4 – $66 – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



You know those cool little buttons you see people wearing, or pinning on messenger bags? You can have them too! Draw a picture, print your logo, cut from a magazine with our paper punch, or write something funny- it’s totally up to you. We have a 1″ button maker here that lets you have your very own custom work of tiny art to wear or give or trade with friends. Super fun, stop in and we’ll show you how it works. Just be warned, it’s addictive! Just $1 each.


Paint a Pet

We just caught some adorable new friends- Now you can come paint a pet! Fish, tiny snakes, baby alligators and salamanders are just $5,  big alligators and baby cobras are $6, and our king cobra is $7 (includes your pet, paint, and studio time). This is great for anyone old enough to hold a brush. Take home a colorful pet today.


Shrink Art

Make jewelry, magnets and charms from plastic shrinky-material! Color and cut and we’ll shrink it for you and help you turn it into something fun to wear or display. Prices are $1 for a 1/4 sheet of material $2 for a half sheet, and $4 for a full sheet + findings (clasps, magnets etc.).


Melty Beads

Oddly fun for all ages. Make designs and patterns on shape trays and then we melt them together to keep as a coaster, a magnet, jewelry, or just a fun image to hang up anywhere. Letters, animals, and so much more. It’s like 8-bit art in plastic. $1-$5 each (based on size)

Paint more stuff!

Canvases, frames, birdhouses, and more! We have lots of things in the shop waiting for you to splash around a little color. anytime you like you can paint a small canvas or a picture frame. And we don’t jsut have bird houses! We have bird rocket ships and pirate bird vessels for painting!