Planning your visit

Here are some helpful things to consider when you plan to visit the Little House.

ways you can visit

you can come and take a personalized class to learn a new skill or improve in any medium, by scheduling it with one of our instructors. you can arrive any time we have open studio to enjoy many of our make and take art projects, work with clay, and more. you can plan a private party for any occasion and rent our studio with help from instructors.

we live in a neighborhood

we are an actual little house. and we are planted right in a little neighborhood. we do not have a commercial sign. and we try not to disturb our neighbors, we care that they also live here happily. we keep all the wild colorful crazy on the inside. it’s almost like you’re going on a treasure hunt. when you see our brightly painted “938” sign, you’ll know you found us.


please park ONLY on Haslage, on the same side of the street as our studio whenever possible. we’re the little green house with the steps going up. park close to us so we don’t take our neighbor’s parking spots. (people of pittsburgh don’t like that)


we live on a hill. the view is AMAZING! but you have to come up the steps to visit. we are very sorry to say we are not currently wheelchair accessible, and hope to be in the future. for now, plan on some steps. in certain special circumstances we can provide a parking spot with less steps from behind our house, but you MUST call ahead if you need it and we will do our best to accommodate you.

wear your studio clothes

we like to get messy, and sometimes we do have a smock that will fit you. but for the most part paint smocks seem to give a false sense of security and serve as a challenge to kids: “can I get this paintbrush up the sleeve and into my armpit?” – yep. we like to not worry about paint on our tables. we let kids put paint on the walls! make sure they’re wearing something they can also get paint on without heartbreak.

we have a kitty

we rescued a kitten that was orphaned, and his 8 brothers and sisters. they all found wonderful loving homes, and this one belongs in ours. His name is Frenzy, but we usually call him by his nickname, “bug”. He travels with Elizabeth, so if it’s summer time he will be at camp! Otherwise you will find him curled up in the chair, or trying to knock something over, or trying to tempt you over to his food dish to add more kibble. he does have his claws, but he rarely ever uses them. He’s our nice studio guy.

the little house is, well, Little

sometimes its super relaxed and quiet. sometimes everyone shows up all at once and they’ve never been there before. thats ok with us, and we don’t want to REQUIRE a reservation. sometimes you just randomly and spontaneously want to do art! we do want to take the time to show you where everything is and tell you about all the neat stuff you can do. if you want, you can call ahead and let us know what time you’re coming, and how many “you” are, and we’ll save you a table. it’s ok to just show up too, but make sure we aren’t closed for a birthday party.

the hazards of being a tiny person

we welcome little ones. Parents – we want you to have fun. its ok if they make a mess. they can look, they can touch, they can check things out and and explore. they can hold the things that are on the shelf, and dump stuff out and dig through bins. we store our supplies in plastic containers. they wont break when dropped or turned into a makeshift maraca. we use mostly nontoxic materials (there are some questionable super glues though….). we are constantly aware however that there is a flight of stairs to our basement, and we have scissors out, and beads and sequins, and rhinestones, and things that will fit in your mouth, or your ear, or your nose. so basically, we only sweat the small stuff. and the stairs.

cash or credit

we accept both.

if you have questions about how to have a wonderful visit, we’d be happy to chat with you more. 412-444-5278