Ceramic Incense Burner


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May 28th, 1-3pm

Come join us for a Ceramics Class to create your very own incense burner. Racheal will go over basic hand building skills and different techniques for creating and detailing whatever idea that you have. Feel free to save pictures, or sketches if you come up with something beforehand.

You can create any style of burner (boat burners – like the images, open box burners -deeper boat, and cone burners- a dish) that you would like.

Both firings and glaze are included in the price, as well as the follow up visit for glazing. We will go over some different glaze techniques in class for your return visit after your piece has been bisque fired. You can return to any open studio to work on your piece (and can glaze approx 14 days after the initial class).

All classes are BYOB and BYOS (bring your own snack).

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May 28th, 1-3pm


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